Effective defense, active legal representation.

In some situations in life, we may be at a loss and want an immediate solution. In the world of law, immediate solutions are rarely workable, but our Office tries to be flexible in dealing with requests and answering questions that are often not asked, in order to find the right solution.

Areas of expertise:

My practice focuses on corporate and commercial law and classical civil law,
within which I provide full legal services in the following areas.

We enforce your rights in criminal proceedings

In criminal proceedings, our main goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, whether it is providing a defense or representing a victim.

The key to an effective defense is to ensure that you are fully informed of your rights as soon as possible after becoming aware of the proceedings and that a defence strategy is developed in the light of the relevant information, as the initial stage of the proceedings can have a decisive influence on the outcome. My office helps clients to ensure that they do not feel alone in the face of justice at any stage of the proceedings.

In the case of victim representation, our practical experience suggests that it is advantageous to use the services of a lawyer who is familiar with the world of criminal proceedings, as the legal environment provides victims of crime with a number of options for pursuing their claims, but these may not be widely known. In addition, sometimes we may not even be aware that our dispute or damage is the result of being a victim of crime, but if this is a possibility, it is advisable to seek the advice of a lawyer with the right expertise, as we can learn about further legal options to resolve the situation.

Comprehensive real estate services

Our office has extensive experience in real estate transactions, whether it is a sale of real estate, a lease, the sale of land or even the creation of a usufruct, to name a few examples. Our priority is to provide our clients with a complete service, so we follow and assist them from the moment the data is collected to the moment the fee is charged.

Even a seemingly simple legal transaction can become complicated if we do not consult a lawyer, as contracts are typically drafted not for cases where there is agreement between the clients and all parties are in compliance, but for cases where circumstances are different and a conflict arises, in which case it is reassuring to have a document in hand that also provides for these situations and, where appropriate, its contents can be enforced by the authorities or the courts.

Typically, “real estate” is the type of case where a properly drafted deed is able not only to ask but also to answer questions that the parties to the transaction have not yet asked.

Cost-effective solutions to disputes

We believe that most disputes can be resolved without litigation, and there are many ways to do this in our legal system, from a written agreement between the parties to an order for payment procedure.

These procedures are more cost‐effective and less burdensome in all respects for both clients and legal representatives, so where the opportunity arises we seek to resolve our clients’ disputes efficiently and with the minimum investment.

Where this is not successful, we will assist our clients with the appropriate expertise in bringing and pursuing appropriate litigation or other official proceedings to ensure that their legitimate interests are protected.

Effective solutions for managing receivables and debts.

Whether you are on the debtor or obligor side, it is important to be aware of the options available to you. A properly and timely managed claim or debt can avoid the unpleasant situations where we feel that we are chasing our money in vain or, on the contrary, where a potentially small debt becomes huge and even threatens our livelihood.

Our office will always look at the most effective solution to the problem and sometimes a letter of formal notice or an offer of an agreement can be the best solution, but there may also be a situation where we need to minimise the loss in an ongoing enforcement procedure or where we need to initiate enforcement proceedings ‐ or even criminal proceedings, depending on the circumstances.

Legal assistance during probate proceedings:
consultation, representation and settlement

Sometimes, in a seemingly straightforward probate procedure, we may find ourselves faced with an unexpected situation, such as a will, a never‐before‐seen family member, a probate creditor or we are the ones who would like to protect our heirs from unexpected situations and settle the fate of our estate by means of a will.

It can be difficult without legal help, as everyone has some general idea about probate procedures, but there are a number of circumstances that can affect the traditional way of doing things and can put you at a disadvantage in terms of your options or the testamentary disposition, for example, if you do not know the formal requirements.

If you have a question about probate, it is worth consulting a lawyer, even if it is just for a consultation, to have your questions answered so that you can prepare for the likely course of the procedure and even if you wish to use legal representation throughout the procedure or decide to leave a testamentary disposition to ensure that your heirs are spared any potential disputes or that your estate is passed on to the person you intended it to go to.

Whether you need a consultation, legal representation in probate proceedings or drafting and registering a will, our office is ready to assist you.

Setting up a partnership and managing transitions.

When considering starting a partnership, it is very important to be aware of your options in terms of the types of company you can form and the rights and obligations that each type of company entails.

Our office guides start-ups from the birth of the idea through to the completion of the registration procedure in the Public Registry.

It may happen that you want to change to another form of business later on, or that your company expands, or that there are personnel or other changes, which also require the expertise of a lawyer. Whether you are setting up a company or transferring changes to an existing company, you can rely on our expertise and speed.

High professional standards and discretion

I am Dr. Mária Mészáros, attorney at law, I graduated from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Eötvös Loránd University in 2011, where I gained exceptional experience in the field of criminal proceedings. Our law firm offers a high professional standard of service, providing all our clients with the right information and discretion. The office also uses digital solutions to help you find the best solution for you.

Our partners:

Meet the partners we work with to provide the highest quality service to our customers.

dr. Anna Gabriella Engelhart

lawyer, specialising in fundamental rights

Dr. Anna Gabriella Engelhart, attorney‐at‐law, has been working in an independent practice since November 2021, primarily in the field of family law, before which she gained experience as a trainee attorney at Dr. Mária Mészáros, which is the reason for their highly successful professional cooperation.

Dr. Réka Katona

attorney‐at‐law, Master of European and International Business Law

Dr. Réka Katona has gained extensive experience in international law firms, mainly in the fields of economic and business law. She also provides legal representation in English and German, even in more complex cross‐border transactions.

dr. Klaudia Korom

Lawyer, Criminal and civil legal representation

Klaudia Korom and Mária Mészáros have been in close professional cooperation since the beginning of their years as trainee lawyers, and together they acquired the foundations on which they later established their own law firms. K & K Law Office provides high quality criminal and civil legal representation not only in Budapest but also in Kecskemét.

dr. Péter Soós

attorney, tax lawyer

Dr. Péter Soós, attorney‐at‐law, as a former principal of Dr. Mária Mészáros, attorney‐at‐law, has been assisting our work for almost ten years with his extensive practical experience and outstanding professional knowledge in the fields of tax law and economic criminal law.


Our office is located in the centre of Budapest, in the V. district, next to the Curia and close to several other courts.
Due to its location, parking by car can sometimes be a challenge, so we recommend that you take this into account when arriving for an appointment.
Our offices are also easily accessible by public transport.


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