Dr. Mária Mészáros

Extensive professional experience in criminal and civil law.

I am Mária Mészáros dr., attorney at law; I received my degree from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Eötvös Loránd University in 2011. After my university studies, I joined MILE & MILE Law Office as a trainee lawyer, where, with the help of my principals and with their valuable professional guidance, I gained a wide experience in criminal proceedings, which I still consider my primary area of expertise.
In order to further enhance my professional knowledge, during the last years of my traineeship, under the high quality professional guidance of Dr. Péter Soós, I also worked in the field of civil and commercial law, where, in addition to the lexical knowledge, I acquired the comprehensive practical solutions essential to these areas.

A conscientious lawyer for the trust of her clients.

In 2016, as a sole practitioner, I took an oath before the Budapest Bar Association that “in the exercise of my professional duties as a lawyer, I will act conscientiously and to the best of my ability in the interests of my client and will keep any secrets that come to my knowledge in the course of my professional duties.” In this spirit, I have continued my activities since then, since September 2022, as the office manager of Dr. Mészáros Mária Law Office.
Due to the nature of my work, I consider it a priority to provide a high professional standard of service and to earn the trust of my clients, and therefore I always try to provide the widest possible range of information, both in terms of positive and negative outcomes. In addition, my clients can rely on the highest level of discretion on the part of my office in the conduct of their affairs, both because of the legal provisions and because of my personal conviction.

The best solutions to complex cases according to clients' needs.

I believe it is important to find the most optimal solution for my clients within the scope provided by the legal provisions, adapting to their needs, including the extensive use of digital solutions in the administration of their affairs.
My office works in close professional cooperation with other lawyers, confident that we can provide solutions to our clients’ potentially complex, cross‐jurisdictional cases.
In addition, during my undergraduate years, I had the opportunity to gain insight into transnational jurisprudence and practice at the University of Maribor Law Faculty, organised by the Criminal Law Department of ELTE Law School, and thanks to this, we have professional contacts with local colleagues in several countries.


Our office is located in the centre of Budapest, in the V. district, next to the Curia and close to several other courts.
Due to its location, parking by car can sometimes be a challenge, so we recommend that you take this into account when arriving for an appointment.
Our offices are also easily accessible by public transport.

+ 36 1 408 6084
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1054 Budapest, Szemere utca 17. number 1. floor 4. Doorbell: 13